A Collection of Extended Essay Topic Ideas

    Completing an extended essay is an important assignment. A good topic can make a difference in the final result. Based on guidelines for the assignment the topic can be something you know about that can help show your unique knowledge of the subject. Because of the significance of the assignment, taking the time to find the right topic can make writing easier. Here are tips on getting started.

    How to Get Ideas

    There are a number of ways to get topics for your extended essay. You can brainstorm ideas by writing down whatever comes to mind about a subject. This method is common for developing original ideas. Another way to create a topic is to use sample extended papers. You can find these through online websites offering homework writing help, academic writing help, and databases with free papers. A sample gives an idea of what other people have written about.

    Working with a professional writer is another option. People often work with expert writers when they need help creating content for a topic. They can also create samples based on your ideas for a paper even if you don’t have a topic in mind. Discussing ideas with your instructor can also be helpful. They can share basic insight on what previous students wrote about. They may offer tips on what you can write about. Also, project guidelines may offer clues on what to write about.

    15 Ideas for Extended Essay Topics

    Coming up with your own ideas can be challenging. A list of basic ideas offers insight on what direction to take your project. Using a list can help eliminate ideas that lack interest. To inspire your own writing prompts to consider the following list:

    1. Development of the Soviet Union.
    2. Winemaking.
    3. Analyzing Victorian literature.
    4. Abortion in different countries.
    5. Learning barriers among school students.
    6. Overseas learning.
    7. Types of historians.
    8. Properties found in soil.
    9. Lithium batteries and their danger risk.
    10. Racism in the 1950s vs. 1990s.
    11. Plots against Hitler.
    12. Are computers helping or hurting society?
    13. Investing in the stock market.
    14. The history of Hamlet and why it is a classic.
    15. History of comic books and why they can be valuable.

    Additional Tips for Topic Ideas

    Consider what is going on currently in your hometown or issues in the national spotlight. What are personal interests you have you would like to explore in more detail? There are writing books and tutorials offering tips and advice on how to choose a topic for this form of writing. When coming up with a topic consider creating a plan to help complete your paper. The plan will give an early indication if the topic you choose will offer enough intriguing information for a good paper.

    Study sample extended papers. When you think you have a good idea for a topic use a well-written paper to think about structure and organization of it. The more interesting the topic the easier it will be to write. Stick to something you know well to help you write the paper faster. This can also minimize the amount of time spent conducting research. Think about websites you would use for a potential topic to help you create one.