A collection of intriguing topic ideas for a college essay

    To write a good academic paper, there are certain things which each and every student should take into consideration. However, we shall lay a special emphasis on the need for a good topic which is equally important when it comes to writing a good academic essay. Well, for most learners, writing academic papers is always a matter of putting words on paper in a way that they can make a story and sense can be drawn from them. The only problem with this is; are you able to come up with a good title, subject or rather a topic which would summarize everything you have written down into one meaningful sentence? A number of times, students write so much that when you read their articles, you end up losing touch with the main theme on which their write-ups should be premised. This is a problem many students grapple with on a daily basis and in different parts of the world.

    It should thus be noted that a good write up is that which is based on a topic that is strong and which elicits interest in readers. The moment you come up with a topic that is out of touch which what many would expect, you will have lost the plot. A good topic should also give prospective readers an idea of what a write up is all about. Most importantly, a good topic will always boost your grades or chances of getting good grades in essay writing. So, how should you go about writing your topics? That’s a topic for another day.

    • The issue of gays has continued to stir controversy and whether gays can be allowed to preside over church functions in most Christian churches will surely be a very intriguing topic to write something on
    • Should leaders seeking high offices and have a past of sexually molesting women be sent to jail for a life sentence? Discuss
    • Espionage should be legalized to allow countries monitor what countries known for war mongering are planning against them
    • Nudist parks should be legalized in all U.S states. Discuss
    • Radicalization is born out of governments’ failure to provide employment for their citizens
    • Every citizen above 21 years of age should be a licensed gun-holder