Vital Recommendations on the Essay Paper Format

    The essay paper format is a basic layout that features an introduction, body, and conclusion. The contents of each are easy to remember when thinking about how you want to present your topic. It is important to understand each component when writing your paper or your main idea won’t come across clearly. Keep in mind this information is a basic overview. If you are expected to include other elements to your paper, do so by following assignment guidelines.

    • Developing the Introduction
      The introduction has few pieces of significant details to review. This section will feature a hook, background details, main idea (thesis statement), and transition sentence. The hook appears first and it is meant to attract attention. It can be a question, fact, or something that stands out about your main idea. The thesis statement is what the essay is based on. It is a solid statement you work to prove later on in the paper. The transition sentence is last but helps lead readers to the next paragraph.
    • Establishing the Body
      The body of the paper includes multiple paragraphs. Each paragraph details one supporting point related to your thesis statement. The point can be stated in one sentence with the paragraph offering more details as to why the point is significant. Each paragraph will discuss a supporting point, but from most to least important. Each paragraph will follow the same structure with a topic sentence, main point, evidence or details to prove why, and a transition sentence to lead readers to the next paragraph.
    • Summarize with Conclusion
      The conclusion can be challenging to write but think about its purpose. The conclusion brings together the thesis statement (your argument or opinion) along with supporting points and what you have learned about the topic. When mentioning the main idea and supporting points, restate the content in the order it appeared throughout the paper. You will paraphrase this content instead of rewriting word-for-word. What stands out to you the most as significant or what you want people to think about will help end the paragraph and the paper.
    • What Else Should You Know?
      When writing an essay, follow guidelines assigned by your instructor. There are different types of papers for this kind of writing the overall structure is the same. If you choose an interesting topic that you know well or able to research thoroughly, the formatting will be easy. You should also consider information related to formatting styles if you are required to use a specific one for your paper. Use reputable sources, give yourself plenty of time for writing, use an outline, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.