Things to know about an essay contest prize

    There are dozens of essay contests for academic students to enter allowing them to win a prize. In many cases, the prize is cash or a scholarship. The prize can have good value and seem appealing, but there are things you need to know in order to increase your chances of winning. Writing contests may have specific details laid out to ensure fairness for all who enter. But, if you don’t do something according to guidelines you could ruin your chance. Here are things related to the contest prize you need to know before entering.

    • Amounts available
      If you are interested in winning you should review prize amounts available. Usually, the amounts range from big to small. This can be cash, a grant or scholarships. These prizes often grab the attention of all sorts of writers especially when thousands are up for grabs.
    • Previous winners
      One way to tell if the contest is legit is to learn about past winners. You can learn about their submission and how they won. If you can get tips or advice for your submission that is even better.
    • Content guidelines
      This is a big one. Few students don’t pay close attention to essay contest guidelines. When you fail to do so your submission can automatically get disqualified. Read this information carefully before choosing your topic. Get clarity on details you don’t understand so you can produce a paper meeting expectations.
    • Eligibility
      There are many contests available open to the general public. This means you can choose to enter more than one contest at a time. But, the content could be for specific writers or interests. You may also have to be a certain age to enter or study a specified field.
    • Deadline
      Upon learning about the contest and getting ideas lined up on what to write about, know when the essay is due. You should use time wisely by working to get your submission in as soon as possible.
    • How winners are determined
      The contest should detail the selection process. This information may be brief but it gives an idea of what they look for and how long the process takes.
    • How prize will be received
      How do winners receive their prize? This information should be clearly detailed. You may want to review other aspects of the prize such as liability, forfeit, and who will it be made out to if you are under age.